Psicodelia is a brewery based in San Diego and Tijuana, inspired by the foliage similar to both Southern California and Mexico. The beers are named after the cacti. Considering some cacti and succulents have hallucenogenic properties, the labels and elements have a groovy, psychedelic, 70s vibe. The brand conveys a message of unity through not only geographic similarity, but also shared visual interest. Psicodelia and psychedelia have the same translation related to the altering of perception.

I hand drew the logo in a 70s lava-lampy style inspired by Wes Wilson. I decided to make each element its own sticker, so each label experience is a unique journey individual to every consumer. I cut out pictures of eyes from old magazines to reference the brand’s core theme of perception. I used variations of the typeface Founder’s Grotesk backwards, forwards, upside down & reflected to further play with the idea of altered reality.